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"The Light of Roses" ​

Wow! All I can say is What a Book! I was mesmerized from the first page. -- JJ

"Reading Samantha Doane-Bates'

'The Light of Roses' was a life-

altering experience. This collection

of stories and wealth of information

about a rarely discussed area of

spiritual life, is so beautifully

written that even a skeptic would

be swept away by the prose.


 ...Nancy Hopwood

Learning Specialist & Documentary

Film Maker


Great Valentine gift to myself! Samantha Doane-Bates is brilliant. I couldn't stop reading her book. I've never done that before reading a spiritual book, it was as if I was remembering the truth of what she was writing. I found her story not only interesting but mesmerizing. I loved this book. -- CH

As a client of this author, I can say that she is an authentic healer. She has a gift not only for taking you back to the cause lifetime, but also understanding why the past life event connects to the present life condition, and helping you bring this out for yourself. The book is excellent, with several interesting client regressions and an insightful autobiographical section. -- DB


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was so sad when I finished it because it had become my peaceful escape in the evenings. The enchanting way she tells of her life journey and that of her clients is truly astounding. "The Light of Roses" is full of emotion and topics that I did not expect to read about...definitely not a "cold or analytical" feel to this book. Samantha is very spiritually aware, and has personally experienced events and feelings that many of us would never be able to imagine. The stories she shared really resonated with me, more than any past-life read out there...including those of Brian Weiss (which are still wonderful books). -- L

                  The Light of Roses               

Past-Life Regression -

A Healing Journey

My book, "The Light of Roses," is an exploration of past-life regression as a form of healing, witnessed through fascinating case studies and my own spiritual journey.

"If you are a spiritual seeker, if you are on a journey of self-discovery, if you are aware of the speed at which life is moving, if you are learning to listen and heed your intuition, if you have experienced the synchronicity of life, if you are learning to love unconditionally, if you long for 'Home'... 


"If you suffer from anxiety, phobias, or emotional blocks, if you have ever felt disempowered, if you want to know more about the karmic residue of the past, the Higher Self, the Inner Guide, the Soul's purpose, if you want to gain insight through the shared stories of others on their journey back to Oneness, if you have ever felt spiritually isolated and will find resonance here...insight... perhaps answers."

                                                           ---from the Introduction

With an acknowledged expertise in past-life regression therapy, Samantha Doane-Bates has written a compelling book based on fascinating case studies of her work as a Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in past-life regression and astrology. Her original thought was that others could be served by simply reading about these powerful and transformative sessions. However, as the book evolved, it also became a very personal sharing of the author's own spiritual path.


The result is a book in two parts. Part One introduces Samantha and her work, as she shares parts of her life, her own past-life experiences, and mystical, spiritual journey. Part Two, entitled "Soul Threads through Time," is an astounding journey through her clients' past lives, a journey that results in resolution, insight, healing, and amazing shifts in present consciousness, showing the incredible resilience of the human spirit.


Well-versed in her subject matter and an intriguing storyteller, Samantha weaves a soulful journey that invites each of us to enter into a greater 'knowing of Self.' As the whole of humanity struggles with its fears and spiritual longings, "The Light of Roses" addresses our interrelatedness... our Oneness, with stirring honesty and ethereal grace.


Read an excerpt from "The Light of Roses:"


In the Beginning...


                                                      Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought.

 --- Chinese Proverb


       Sitting at the foot of the Sphinx I knew I had been there before. I had come with the Sphinx. Its roots were mine. The energies moving through my body and the Cosmos were one and the same. I was one with the Cosmic. There was no doubt. The Cosmic lived and breathed within the center of my being, and I lived out in the Cosmic unfettered and unafraid. I knew my role---deep within the depths of my beingness. I was a Guardian---a Guardian of the Truth, of this sacred energy and the sacred space wherein humanity can leap. I knew my place. I was that place. There, with the serene face of the Goddess luminescent in the moonlight, I felt the Oneness of All Things, and I understood that I was doing all that was ever expected of me. I was simply being who I am---and that was why I had come to Egypt that first find out Who I am. And there between the paws of the Great Sphinx---I knew.

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