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All of the services below are beneficial in helping you to free the 'self' so you are  more able to function at your highest potential. You may find you resonate to one more than another. Following is a brief description of each.

Past-Life Regression

Past-Life Regression

3 hours / $299

This is a most profound way of working with the subconscious to let go of fears, phobias, and deep-seated anxieties. If you have a problem in your present life and you seemingly cannot get to the bottom of it with the tools you have to work with, past-life regression is a major consideration. What happens in a past-life regression is that you go back and re-experience the cause lifetime---the source of your current problem in the present life. 


Thus a resolving of that particular past life or lives can alleviate or certainly lessen the emotional or physical problems that a person may experience in the present. As you understand the connections of the past to the present and are able to release them, the results to be gained are a resolution of the issue, as well as a greater insight and awareness. This combination leads to self-realization and a healing.


Karmic Astrology

Karmic Astrology

Price Dependent on Services Rendered

Initial Consultation - This is a two-fold reading, with the first half being an interpretation of the natal chart. Since the natal chart is a mirrored reflection of who you are, you are able to get in touch with your strengths, as well as better understand how you get in your own way, and what you can do about it. This is done from a karmic perspective, giving insight into the karmic residue from the past brought into the present to balance, as well as illuminating your soul's purpose. The latter part of the reading is an in-depth look at the coming year, month by month, by transit, progression, and solar arc, so you are very aware of the energies you will be dealing with in the near future.


Astrological Update - This is done once a year, after your initial natal reading, and is an in-depth look at the coming year by progression, transit, and solar arc.


Astrological Karmic Comparison - This is an in-depth comparison between two people's natal charts, done aspect by aspect, thus painting a complete picture of the relationship. The two charts are also delineated from a karmic interactive viewpoint. This is very insightful, interesting, and helpful for not only couples, but partnerships on any level, as well as parent-child relationships.



Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapy

Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapy

Dependent on Services Rendered


Working to integrate the sub-personalities, the individual is able to come to a wholeness within the self, wherein all parts work together for the common good. This is a very useful tool in dealing with such issues as eating disorders, addictions, and stress. It is used to access those parts of ourselves that cause behavior that in not in our best interests. We are able to dialogue with the sub-personality that is responsible for a behavior, thus gaining insight into why it is behaving the way it is and what it can do to change its behavior.

In transpersonal hypnotherapy we are able to work with the subconscious, as well as the superconscious, dimensions of the mind. This means going beyond the personal conscious level of knowing into the transpersonal level, into working with one's Higher Self, and into that state of all knowingness and wholeness wherein we find one's true essence.  In this state of being we can access the origin, or cause, of any self-limiting pattern, from any time frame, including childhood, birth, prenatal, or past life.

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