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Samantha Doane-Bates

"To Know Thyself Is The Journey"


 Karmic astrology


We live in a time that is demanding we become Self-Empowered Individuals, who are willing to own our sacredness, take on our mantle of power, and BE who we are.

Now is the time.

We can no longer ignore that still small voice within.

We must listen to our intuition, heed its guidance and work to rid ourselves of ALL that keeps us small...  the fear, guilt, unworthiness.

This is the Work.

Do you have memories not of this life & time?


 Welcome to my Website!

Past-Life Regression, Astrology, & Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapy are all instruments of transformation, growth, & self-realization.

Release & Resolve:
Past-Life Traumas, Deep-seated Fears, Phobias & Anxieties, Karmic Residue

         Learn to Control              
Stress / Disorders / Addictions

Connect With
Higher Self / Soul's Purpose / 
Inner Guide

About Me... 

"I am truly humbled by this work and am awed by the resilience of the human spirit."  ... Samantha

Samantha Doane-Bates, BA, CRT, CCHT has been

a metaphysician for over forty years. She is a certified

transpersonal clinical hypnotherapist, board certified past-life regression therapist, and professional astrologer.

Samantha has taught classes, lectured, conducted

workshops and seminars in this country and in Sweden.

Her book, "The Light of Roses: Past-Life Regression - A Healing Journey," explores past-life regression therapy as a form of healing and self-actualization, witnessed through the fascinating case studies of her clients and the author's own spiritual, mystical journey.

She was a professional faculty member of the International Association for Regression Research & Therapies, has been a faculty member of the American Federation of Astrologers, served as President and on the Board of Directors of Aquarius Workshops, and is a member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. She is certified in regression therapy and research by the

International Board of Regression Therapy.

After working in Los Angeles for twenty years, Samantha

now resides in Lexington, Kentucky, where she has a

private practice.

My Mission ...

To provide a nourishing environment in service to all who hunger spiritually, who seek to 'know the self,' who are shifting in consciousness, who long to live fearlessly, and who are willing to take responsibility for creating their own reality and sense of well-being.


Mattie Hill


"I am extremely impressed with Samantha's high level of skill, conscientiousness, dedication and responsibility. Over the past twenty-five years, I have had many exposures to past life regression by different practitioners. Her work is of the highest rank---unsurpassed by anyone whom I have encountered, including nationally prominent figures."

James Maynard, J.D., C.H.T., President, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute


Contact Samantha

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Phone: 859-492-7499 /Email:

Lexington, Kentucky

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